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Recipes of Infodemic is an informational website built by two media students from the University of the West of England for their Online Media Production module. It is built into a form of a recipe book with a selection of delicious meals and cocktails. The purpose is to unravel the characteristics and motivations behind the most common fake news surrounded by the Covid19 pandemic.

Why recipes?

In the form of a recipe, the user can understand the components of the misinformation within a familiar layout. The user understands that in order to make the perfect cocktail or a meal they need a number of essential ingredients, and it is the mixture that creates the taste and potency. This specific design form brings playfulness and a humoristic twist to such a pressing matter. We hope that this website will help users to spot fake news more easily. 

Here's how to read the recipes:

The "food" recipes:

  1. Look at the picture of the fake news post on the left side of the recipe. This is the fake news that is unfolded in the "cooking" method.

  2. Scroll through the ingredients.

  3. Read the method. This demonstrates you how to use the imaginary ingredients of this particular fake news post and make it into a persistent piece of misinformation.

  4. Have a look at the tips. 

The "cocktail" recipes:

  1. These are more general recipes for coronavirus-related fake news. The fake news post is merely an illustration picture related to the recipe.

  2. Like in a regular cookbook recipe, go through the ingredients. This way you will get a general overview of the tools for the piece of fake news.

  3. Read through the method.

  4. Finally, read the tips.

+ When you click the underlined words on the recipes, you are taken to     the glossary where the words are explained.

Meat Pie

Familiar favourites

Are you interested in cooking your own piece of coronavirus fake news? Do you want to exploit the pandemic and add a bit of unethical fun to your evenings? With our family-friendly recipes, you can create convincing misinformation with little effort.